WikiCreation is an online scientific publication. Its purpose is to study the concept and the act of creation in all their states, aspects and approaches. WikiCreation is therefore open to all disciplines.

The Scientific Committee of WikiCreation is international, as is its peer review committee, which selects the submitted articles through double-blind reviewing.

This online publication is open to all researchers, from recognized specialists to PhD. students. French articles will be translated into English and vice versa. Articles in a language other than French will also be accompanied by an English version. If the articles meet the academic requirements (bibliography, notes, etc.), they nevertheless must be accessible to a wider audience.

The editorial relational project

The WikiCreation epistemological and editorial project is relational. It focuses on the study of the relationship that creation has with its environment. In each article, the concept of creation must therefore be heuristically combined with another idea, concept or field. Creation cannot therefore be defined as an absolute but through a network of relationships.

Each article thus strives to show how a concept carefully chosen by affinity allows one to explore, enlighten, enrich, nourish and exemplify the concept of creation and vice versa. The study of the relationship between two or three concepts is therefore the main focus of each article.

These concepts may be related (‘creativity and creation’), opposed (‘creation as a process and creation as a result’), contradictory (‘creation and destruction’), or different (‘serendipity and creation’, ‘sleep, dream and creation’ or ‘crisis, change and creation’), etc.

WikiCreation thus allows other researchers or research groups to make separate contributions on the same combinations.

The articles study the creative act, whether artistic, scientific, technological, scholarly or ordinary, in both its anthropological and societal dimension. Creation is therefore the principal theme of the publication and its common denominator. Such a network, established in relation to various notions or concepts, allows one to define creation from one article to another.

It is a collective and possibly collaborative enterprise studying the concept of creation through the multiplication of points of view and their juxtaposition on one single digital platform equipped with search engines and semantic engine.

The redaction committee consists of Moure José, Renzo Dell’Omodarme Marco and Génin Christophe.

Institut ACTE
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne & CNRS